because everyone needs a little cheering up sometimes

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in my head…

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…this is how I feel most days.

I’m done.

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I’m so burned out and exhausted. Yes, my week wasn’t as stressful or draining as jason’s but allergies, waking up early several days in a row, staying up late, and a few other things all jumbled in to one has taken it out of me. I wish I could go to the beach and just soak up the sun until I turn into a lobster. Alas, I have work over the weekend. This work at least will be fun and exciting.


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oh hai guys, it’s mai birthday!

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whenever you’re having a bad day… just think, “it’s mai birthday…”

*relaxing sigh*

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Today has been a day I didn’t realize I needed. The only thing that would make this day better is if Jason was relaxing with me instead of being stressed at work. Saw Sinakone for the first time in a year and a half, walked around Arlington and gtown, shot some awesome portraits which will be uploaded later, had lunch at the Reston town center, saw enough dachshunds to last me the rest of the month and loads of other awesome dogs, and now I’m sitting in a park eating chocolate frozen yogurt with strawberries and mangos. I didn’t realize how wound tight I was until I sighed and felt the tightness in my shoulders finally receed. Now I just need to make Jason do this.

Lets play!

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Had a photo play date with Kate, Laundrew, and Geoff. So much fun!

PEW PEW PEW indeed…

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courtesy of Mark. one can never be without some good poop humor.

the truth.

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if it’s not one thing

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it’s always another. look at this, two posts in two days. Jason came home and everything was good and then we opened the mail. bring on the heavy sighs and the feeling of being buried under a ton of bricks. there’s no hiding from this but hopefully there will be some sort of resolution that isn’t quite as painful.

have to remind myself to keep breathing. *sigh*